Patsy Buchanan is an artist consultant and curator who advises, strengthens and raises the profile and the art practices of emerging artisans. Patsy's portfolio of clients have included fine art painters, 2D and installation artists, photographers and designers. As a result, Patsy is gaining a reputation for being a source for finding fresh new artists, for a diverse range of gallery wall spaces and collaborations.

18 – 23 September 2017 “Hope” Canvas Initiative and artWEEK Exhibition in support of Central London Samaritans

“Patsy is a coach, an advocate and a sounding board. She represents me and supports me and thinks of all the things that don’t even occur to me. Being an artist can be quite solitary; having someone like Patsy makes it feel like I am part of a team working together towards the same outcome.”

Lindsay Terhorst North
“Patsy and I have been working together since 2014, and as I am based in Portugal, she has provided me with opportunities to raise my profile and sell my art internationally. During 2015 I was able to participate in two exhibitions and a pop-up fair in London, all organised by Patsy. In 2016 I am planning to exhibit my work, not just in London but elsewhere.”

“However, what has been most important to me is how our working relationship has grown. Having someone to help define the direction of my artwork, write the content of my communications and just having Patsy to talk with and plan with me, has inspired and energised my creativity.” Susana Bravo
“As an artist I was finding no real support for anything creative, as I was working full time. So when Patsy offered me the chance to exhibit, it led me to pursue my career in photography on a more full-time basis. Even months after the exhibition, she continued to share knowledge and advice on how to keep reaching further. Patsy was the key to me starting the new life I had always wanted.” Heather Judge
“As a designer / artisan, I’ve always found Patsy a pleasure to work with. She is dedicated, honest and passionate about all things creative. With her practical ‘can do’ attitude, she is the go-to person for when a job needs doing well, and on time. Through her “Under the Radar” series of exhibitions my digital art and 3D printing has reach a much larger audience than I could ever have hoped to alone.” Tony Short